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Physician Assistants

Physician assistants offer a wide range of medical and surgical services to a variety of populations in communities of all sizes. The PA-C's at Denver Spine Surgeons perform physical exams, diagnose and treat spine conditions, order and examine diagnostics, offer patient's preventive health care advice, assist in spine surgery, and prescribe medications. The physician assistants, Brooke DiStefano, PA-C, Chelsea Weber, PA-C and Renee Kirchner, PA-C, MMS at Denver Spine Surgeons act as part of the Denver spine center's team approach to spine care.

Supervising physicians determine which patients and what kinds of medical conditions they want PAs to treat. Close consultation between the patient, PA and physician is done for complex or serious illnesses. An important part of PA training is understanding when it is appropriate to have the patient seen by the physician.

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Meet the Denver Spine Surgeons physician assistants:

Brooke DiStefano, PA-C

Chelsea Weber, PA-C

Renee Kirchner, PA-C, MMS


Physician Biographies

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